Project Name

Fielder & Wimer Dam Removal (NEW)

Dam Removal and Restoration
Client / Agency
WaterWatch & Geos Institute
WaterWatch of Oregon, Geos Institute, Ecotrust WWRI, OWEB, ODFW, Rogue Steelheaders, American Rivers
Rogue River, Oregon
2013 - Present
Project Description
River Design Group has been providing technical support to WaterWatch of Oregon in an effort to plan and design the removal of two relic dams on Evans Creek in the Rogue River Basin. Working to build upon past dam removal projects we were involved with on the main stem Rogue River, the two Evans Creek dams are ranked in the top 10 fish passage barriers in Oregon. Fielder Dam is a concrete structure spanning over 250 feet and is approximately 20 feet high. Wimer Dam is also a concrete dam that is over 75 feet across and approximately 20 feet high.

RDG will be working with stakeholders over the course of 2014 to develop removal plans with anticipated project implementation in 2015.

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Project Images

Evans Creek upstream of the Fielder Dam.
View of Fielder Dam and antiquated fish ladder on Evans Creek that will be removed.
View of Wimer Dam on Evans Creek.
Aerial view of Wimer Dam on Evans Creek.