Project Name

Lake Creek Fish Passage

Fish Passage and Screening
Client / Agency
Upper Deschutes Watershed Council
Camp Sherman, OR
Project Description
River Design Group, Inc. (RDG) was retained by the Upper Deschutes Watershed Council (UDWC) to provide an assessment and surface water diversion designs for Diversion 13 and Diversion 14 on Lake Creek near Camp Sherman, Oregon. Two existing unscreened diversions (Diversion 13 and Diversion 14) divert water from Lake Creek for irrigation and pond maintenance water rights held by homeowner members of Metolius Meadows Property Owners Association (MMPOA). The design included replacing the existing rock check dam structure with a constructed riffle and screening both diversions with passive screens. The project is expected to benefit Deschutes redband trout, bull trout, spring Chinook salmon, sockeye salmon, and other native species.

RDG collaborated with UDWC, MMPOA, and Robinson and Owen Heavy Construction, Inc. to complete the project. Project challenges included the small work area, greater than average flows due to large snowpack melt, and minimizing the project footprint due to the project’s proximity to a residential area. RDG oversaw the installation of an engineered riffle and two screened diversions. The screened diversions included weathered steel plate headwalls and passive Pump-Rite screens. The Pump-Right screens were designed to be detachable for winter time removal.
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Project Images

An upstream view of the constructed riffle providing grade control for appropriate water surface elevation
A river-right view of the Diversion 13 intake headwall and the passive screens for both intakes
Downstream view during construction
Working in the confined project area
Existing rock check structure and Diversion 13 and Diversion 14 intake channels
Existing rock check structure and Diversion 13 intake
A downstream view of the project site during the first winter
A downstream view of the diversion area during the first winter