Project Name

Kelley Creek

Fish Passage and Screening
Client / Agency
Lake County Watershed Council
Lakeview, OR
2010 to 2011
Project Description
The Lake County Umbrella Watershed Councils (LCUWC) with funding provided by the Oregon Watershed Enhancement Board and U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, retained River Design Group, Inc. (RDG) to evaluate an existing culvert and prepare a fish passage solution for Kelley Creek near Lakeview, Oregon. The existing culvert is a fish passage barrier due to the vertical drop at the culvert outlet. The proposed design includes replacing the existing culvert with a bridge and streambed simulation channel to provide fish passage on Kelley Creek. RDG collaborated with Pacific Bridge and Construction on the bridge design and installation.

The overall goal of the project was to provide fish passage on Kelley Creek. Goose Lake redband trout is the sole species likely to access Kelley Creek upstream from the culvert. The culvert replacement is expected to improve watershed continuity and restore fish access to historical spawning and rearing habitats.
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Project Images

Engineered streambed through bridge
Installed pre-fabricated abutment completed by Pacific Bridge and Construction
Goose Lake reband trout from fish salvage
Existing perched culvert on Kelley Creek
An upstream view of the completed project
Installing the bridge deck