River, Stream and Wetland Restoration


Stream, floodplain, wetland and fisheries habitat restoration represents RDG's core competence and has been the primary technical business line for our company since inception. Our staff's technical education is augmented with professional experience. Our firm prides itself on the successful integration of our river science disciplines to applied restoration planning, design and implementation. Incised stream restoration and floodplain - wetland re-connection is a primary component of RDG's market. These systems are often in a transitional geomorphic condition resulting from land use management and disturbance. RDG has successfully designed or provided engineering assistance on over 25 stream channel-floodplain restoration projects most of which have been cooperatively implemented with private landowners.   

 From initial site survey through final construction oversight, RDG applies innovative techniques for assessing, designing, and completing stream, river, and wetland projects. RDG offers a suite of services spanning from individual project components such as site survey, to a complete turnkey service covering all project stages from initial site assessment through construction oversight. RDG cooperates with several heavy equipment operators and revegetation companies to complete diverse restoration projects.

Working in varied environments ranging from high gradient mountain streams characterized by rain-on-snow driven hydrology, to lowland spring-fed creeks, our diverse team of professionals collaborates to achieve our clients' goals. Annual professional training, monitoring of past projects, and close interactions with colleagues in the field, ensure that we provide our clients with the latest and most successful techniques for addressing impaired aquatic environments.

Included Services

  • Stakeholder facilitation
  • Topographic and hydrographic surveys using RTK GPS, GNSS GPS and total station instruments
  • Existing condition assessment and departure analysis
  • Master plan development
  • Hydraulic and sediment transport modeling
  • Local, state, and federal project permitting
  • Construction stakeout and construction oversight
  • Technical review
  • Training

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Project Images

O'Dell Creek prior to restoration O'Dell Creek specialized construction equipment O'Dell Creek post-restoration
O'Dell Creek prior to restoration
O'Dell Creek prior to restoration activities, Phase 3 project area.
O'Dell Creek specialized construction equipment
Construction uses specialized low ground pressure equipment including ASVs and tracked dump trucks.
O'Dell Creek post-restoration
Post restoration condition with restored channel and reconnected floodplain.