River restoration requires an inter-disciplinary skill set: a seemingly overwhelming body of knowledge for one individual to possess, but an attainable goal for a team of like-minded professionals with diverse educational backgrounds. We can learn something from each other. This was a core founding principal for an assemblage of ambitious young professionals who pooled their resources to create River Design Group (RDG) in 2003.

In 2003, river restoration was an emerging science that was just beginning to see the real impacts that could be created to restore rivers, habitat, and floodplains. It was during this time that RDG became established and began to contribute to the growing understanding of river restoration science.

Over the years, RDG developed a reputation as one of the leading river restoration consulting firms in the Pacific Northwest. Our team has participated in monumental dam removal and river restoration projects in the region with some projects continuing for over a decade. In addition, RDG provides meaningful careers for engineers, biologists, hydrologists, surveyors, ecologists, fluvial geomorphologists and administrative professionals to pursue their outdoor passions and use cutting-edge technology to complete projects that they can feel make a difference in the world. Today, RDG continues to grow steadily in support of our mission to do good things for rivers, foster the growth of our employees and create an enduring professional legacy.